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Care Farms

The Care Farms projects partner agricultural enterprises with educational, health, social and economic organizations. In cooperation with organizations and institutions, the farms offer services for the young and old as well as people with physical and mental burdens. 
With a focus on interaction between people and nature,  Care Farms give new opportunities to offer diversified services for farmers, social agencies and institutions. The farms are supported during project implementation and a specially developed certification system guarantees the service quality.

On family farms offer social services close to home in rural areas. They increase the quality of life for people, secure and create jobs while also helping to preserve small-scale agriculture.

Our Speakers

are people from the education, health and social sectors.

They develop people to build a farms socially inclusive futures.

Care Farms is an innovative training company using an online platform with training, technology and high quality products to help improve farm production, performance and profitability.

Magda Nawarecka-Piątek

our Polish partner

Dr. Christine Olsen

PhD Public health, MSc Ethology

Ing. Hedviga Gulová

Slovak partner

Line Sandstedt

Lector in science



Cover for OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom
OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom

OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom

Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom o.z. je organizácia pre vzájomné pôsobenie ľudí a zvierat. Spolupracujeme s profesionálmi v oblasti duševného zdravia zameraných na deti, dospievajúcich i dospelých.

#erasmusplussk #carefarmslovakia #erasmusplusproject #EUproject #carefarming #inclusivefarming #carefarm #inclusivearts #supportlocal #diverseabilities #differentisbeautiful #disability #farmkids #familyfarm #supportfamilyownedbusinessWhile Animal Assisted Therapy has been adopted by a multitude of other European countries , the focus in our project is on the Poland, one of its pioneering countries.The aim is to describe and understand the development of the care sector through Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in Poland and to contribute to the discussion on how to support changes in this area in Slovakia.All of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a massive challenge for society, the world of work and the health and social system in Slovakia.Thank you 🍀 Magda Nawarecka-Piątek zo Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęta Ludziom https:/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Collaboration at the European level


We want people of all ages to have the possibility to enjoy the interaction with therapeutic animals and that this happens in a safe way. Our focus is therefore to educate, quality assure and follow up everyone who wants to practice animal-assisted intervention….ICofA

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