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The Care Farms aims to:

  • support and preserve small-scale agriculture
  • create high-quality social services, developmend for education, health and social services on farms, from kindergartens and day centres for people with dementia to health promotion
  • assure quality through an external certification system
  • preserve and create jobs on farms and in the region
  • improve the quality of life and compatibility of family and work for rural citizens through improved social infrastructure
  • impart knowledge about agriculture as well as sustainable and regional food production
  • offering health and social services for citizens in rural areas while increasing opportunities and employment on farms
Parades Held

Our Mission

“Progress over Perfection”

Socialy inclusive futures.

2020 10 May
2021 1 november
2022 1 january
2023 10 may
Together for Care Farms

Let's Stand Together for Care Farms

Cooperation between farms, municipalities and key people from the education, health and social sectors leads to new networks and innovative solutions for social challenges in rural areas.
Social services are available where they are needed.
Farmers have new income opportunities helping to preserve small-scale agriculture. Jobs are secured and created in rural areas.