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Cover for OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom
OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom

OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom

Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom o.z. je organizácia pre vzájomné pôsobenie ľudí a zvierat. Spolu

#erasmusplussk #carefarmslovakia #erasmusplusproject #EUproject #carefarming #inclusivefarming #carefarm #inclusivearts #supportlocal #diverseabilities #differentisbeautiful #disability #farmkids #familyfarm #supportfamilyownedbusinessWhile Animal Assisted Therapy has been adopted by a multitude of other European countries , the focus in our project is on the Poland, one of its pioneering countries.The aim is to describe and understand the development of the care sector through Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in Poland and to contribute to the discussion on how to support changes in this area in Slovakia.All of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a massive challenge for society, the world of work and the health and social system in Slovakia.Thank you 🍀 Magda Nawarecka-Piątek zo Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęta Ludziom https:/ See MoreSee Less
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 3-4/9/22 conference in Košice