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“According to the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, “we need nature in our lives” to improve our psycho-physical health and that of the Planet. Natural spaces are increasingly recognised as an opportunity for preventive health. Experiencing and connecting with natural environments help reduce psycho-physical stress, boost our immune system, increase positivity and vitality, stimulate social cohesion and physical activity. Assisted interventions can increase self-esteem, reflection, improve social and emotional skills also for people with disease and disabilities. These benefits are further recognised within the context of the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic”.


Scientific studies show that experiencing nature has lasting positive effects on the body and soul.


Norway is a pioneering country when it comes to research on effect of interaction with farm animals, and here NMBU-Norwegian University of Life Sciences is clearly in the leadership seat. They have several researchers on the subject, and together with NMBU developed a separate course for those who want knowledge and training in animal-assisted interventions with farm animals.

Slovak organization  Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom o.z. is this year 2022 actively preparing and educating under the leadership of this Norwegian partner  Dyebar Omsorg…because …Farms have a unique and versatile offer for a wide range of user groups. On a farm, there are often several animal species and many different opportunities for targeted activities and interactions with the animals. There is also a great potential for variation during a day, but also during the entire intervention period of a user. Interaction does not have to be only with the animals, but also with other people who are working or in interventions of their own on the farm.
Farms elements also arouse the curiosity of people in need of care. Observing or interacting, for instance, with the animal world stimulates the brain, evokes positive emotions and creates a bond with nature.

The more diverse and varied the Care Farms , the greater the positive associations and sensory stimuli. Discovering aspects of nature provides a topic of conversation for clients, relatives, employees or volunteers.

A permanent benefit of Care Farms generated when clients, relatives and visitors, employees and farmer work on the subject together.

This our partner  Dyebar Omsorg     based on ethological knowledge, developed a suitability assessment for farm animals that will work with animal-assisted interventions. There is a big difference in which species are suitable for close contact with humans, and large individual differences in how comfortable the animal is with such an interaction.



The International Center of Anthrozoology was established in Norway 2004 and is an inclusive and dynamic alliance. Their goal is to build a social and professional network, to promote AAI in the international community, and to enrich people’s knowledge and skills in AAI. The platform is initiated and carried out by professionals in Norway and Poland, however the content is a contribution from expert all over the world.

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