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Therapeutic work (health on the farm) is understood as an expansion of, and alternative to, standard forms of prevention or health promotion for people who suffer from a bodily, emotional, cognitive or social deficit, as well as the rehabilitation of people who suffered a serious accident or illness.

Animal or garden therapy has been proven to be a successful method in this area. Contact to nature and animals helps to improve the mental, bodily and social well-being of these people.

The area of social work (work on the farm) gives useful employment opportunities in the agriculture and forestry sector to people who have been looking for work for a long period of time or those with disabilities. This can help these people to re-enter the workplace. This area mainly deals with giving people self-confidence and social recognition, independent of their performance.

The target groups are very different, starting from hyper-active children, managers with burn-out, people who are cut-off from the labour market, to elderly people and people with disabilities.There is an attractive offer for everyone.     S.D.



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