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Introducing partners: 


Magda Nawarecka-Piątek is a pedagogue and sensory integration therapist.  
She work in AAI since 2005.
Magda is a co-author and leader of different international AAI projects like “Human Dog Teams” and “Personality Assessment for Dogs in AAI (PADA)”. Dog trainer specialized in AAI training for human-dog teams. Practitioner, working with elderly patients and hospitalized children.
In everyday work, she conducts AAI in different facilities, like psychiatric wards, day-care centres and hospitals. Magda is a leading educator of AAI dog handlers in Poland. She belives that training should be a time that you enjoy with your dogs; and time that they enjoy spending with you! Dog ownership is an adventure that gives mutual benefits to humans and animals. In is this philosophy Magda practices with her dogs at home and with her clients on trainings.
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